tax audit support

Tax audit and litigation support including dispute resolution

In the event of challenges from tax authorities or other third parties, we can provide the requisite technical expertise to support the transfer pricing position taken by a group.     

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blockchain transfer pricing


Transfer pricing reviews, encompassing functional, risk and benchmarking analysis. Pro-tp will review the current cross-border intragroup transactions to verify whether or not they comply with the tax rules of the affected countries.  

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diagnosis and cure of transfer pricing structure

Due Diligence

Pro-tp will undertake a due diligence review of the historic and current business in order to detect past and present TP deficiencies.  This review will form the basis of the provision of practical and flexible solutions.

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Therapy of tranfer pricing structures

Pro-TP Implementation of appropriate transfer pricing strategy

We will assist in reorganizing and restructuring intercompany transactions according to acknowledged and legally accepted international transfer pricing rules. We will provide our clients with suitable intra-group agreements, transfer pricing documentation (including a master file and local files) prepared in accordance with local requirements and appropriate benchmarking studies to include third-party-comparisons for intercompany pricing. All these services can be provided…

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